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Should you require residential property evaluation, we would welcome the opportunity to utilize

our vast experience in valuation in Central Florida in providing you with a full appraisal of your residential parcel. Please see below for a list of the services currently offered.

​Pre-Listing Appraisals


Either for our Realtor associates, individuals or corporate interests, we often perform pre-listing appraisals.  The development of this report can help establish the physical characteristics of the improvement, identify a range of pricing points and assess current market conditions assisting in the efficiency of the potential sale of the property.

Property Tax Consulation


Are you over assessed? Having spent 15 years at OCPA, I have a keen understanding of the ad valorem taxation process and if the assessment of your property exceeds market value, I can certainly help you reduce your assessment and property tax burden.

​Divorce & Estate Planning


Should a family have an occruence which dictates the valuation of a residential property, we would be happy to assist in establishing the market value of the property in question.

Restrospective Valuations

If a client has a need to ascertain the value of a parcel as of a prior date, we can accommodate your needs with a retrospective appraisal.

Review Appraisals

If you would like a prior appraisal on a property reviewed, we can perform a review appraisal.

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